As we were preparing the stories we wanted to tell in this issue, so many of them centered around the places and faces on campus, that it made sense to try to get it to you just prior to Homecoming. And, while we hope you’re here this Homecoming rather than home reading your magazine, for those of you who can’t make it, hopefully this will spark some memories.

If you do manage to make it to campus for Homecoming, you may see the theme of “we are one” at some of your Alumni Association events. We started combing through old photographs from decades past and quickly realized that as much as things change, they stay the same. Students studying in front of the library, ice cream socials, tug of war, classroom lectures, working on the Arrow. The faces are different, and certainly, the way we learn may be different, but the traditions persevere.

Speaking of perseverance, the world can seem like a pretty divisive place: election year, Team Brad or Angelina, and we won’t even wade into the debate of cords vs. no cords on your earbuds. At Southeast, our differences have also been our strengths. So, this Homecoming remember whether you are a Redhawk or an Indian, whether you graduated from Southeast or SEMO, we are one. And, together, there’s nothing we can’t do.

Peruse the pages of this publication to see just what we mean. We have a profile in courage, a quest to take Southeast global, and a celebration of a decade of artistic excellence just as a few examples. And, who would have thought that the places our alumni overwhelmingly said were their favorite hangouts from the 60s and beyond would still top the lists of students today. It’s also amazing, that as communications professionals, we struggle and stress over making sure information is disseminated to our student body and alumni base. That can be a challenging task sometimes. Yet, Southeast students over five decades seem to know the story of the ghost in Rose Theatre!

No matter our diffrences–geographic, career, family—we have a shared bond, a cherished entry on the timeline of this institution. There are things we know and have experienced that others can’t. Here’s hoping you get to relive that this Homecoming. But, if you don’t come home this year, remember wherever you are, we are one.


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