The National Society of Leadership and Success at Southeast is spearheading a campus-wide collection to support hurricane relief.

Alums, we must make a confession: this issue was hard. Budget cuts claimed our spring issue this year. As we were making the decisions about what from that issue would stay, what to keep from the fall plan, and what new was occurring that needed our attention, there were a few other things going on. Namely, a quickly impending move-in week (imagine the equivalent of 70 holidays in one week) and a little thing called The Great American Eclipse.

That’s the thing about times that are crazy, insanely busy. You don’t have as much time to devote to things as you’d like. So, more often than not, the magazine deadlines for the fall issue were pushed back. But that’s the other thing about crazy, insanely busy times. It means you have really important events taking place. Significant discussions that must be had. Worthwhile stories to share.

Those stories have been weighing on us. Those stories need to be told. So, here we are with another issue we sincerely hope informs you about some very cool and exciting developments on campus, makes you think from a differing perspective or simply transports you back to your college years. You’ll see plenty of good things happening at your Alma Mater or by those across the country and around the world who are also members of the Southeast family.

But these aren’t the only stories. As we write, campus is preparing a moment of silence in honor of the victims of the Las Vegas shooting. Our neighbors in Texas, Florida and the Caribbean are still struggling, and the Southeast community is working to ease that burden. By the time this finds you, hopefully that struggle has lessened, but you will be able to read about these efforts in our online edition. For those of you impacted, we send our best wishes and Southeast spirit to bring some comfort.

Homecoming will likely have passed as you read this, but keep that in mind, alums. You move on, but you’ll forever be part of us, and, us you. What you do matters to us, just as what this institution does will forever mean something in your life, for your education. We’re here. So don’t be shy about reaching out, sharing what’s happening in your life, offering to come back and give some insight, advice or tales from your experience to students. Follow us on our social media channels, so you can offer your thoughts in real time. And, let us know when you need something, too. Whether it’s a connection to another alumnus, career information or maybe even a college application for the next generation, we’re always happy to help!


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