No More Waiting and Wondering, Southeast Offers Shuttle Tracking

Shuttles have become a staple for students on Southeast’s growing campus. A recent technological update has made students who run late and wonder if they’ve missed their transportation a thing of the past. Real-time shuttle tracking is now available for riders.

The new program allows shuttle riders to track the location of Southeast’s shuttles using GPS technology either from their Smartphone or computer.

“This will give students a better idea of when a shuttle will be at a stop,” says Brian Holdman, web administrator in the Office of Marketing and University Relations.

He says the new system may reduce the wait time for shuttle users during inclement weather or cold temperatures. They may now be able to wait indoors until they know the arrival of a shuttle is imminent.

Each University shuttle now has a cell phone on board with GPS technology, allowing users to track a shuttle’s location.

To track a shuttle via a cell phone, riders connect to the University’s mobile app at and click on the “shuttle track” icon. There, a list of shuttles currently running is displayed. The program shows the next scheduled stop for each shuttle, when it will be there and when it will arrive at subsequent stops.

From a computer, users log on to Shuttle riders then choose from a list of shuttle routes and see the location of the shuttle on that route.

Holdman says the program refreshes the location of each Southeast shuttle in service every 10 seconds, sending that information to a database and storing those locales, making it possible for users to track the precise locations of the shuttles.

“Having a visual perspective of where the busses actually are will benefit our regular shuttle riders,” says Mike Hopen, transit operations supervisor. “Having the convenience and ability to access that information on your Smartphone or computer will make the shuttle more appealing to riders who don’t normally ride the shuttles.”


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