University Speakers Series

Southeast Missouri State University continues its tradition of hosting fascinating presenters who share their experiences, knowledge and stories during the 2014-2015 University Speakers Series.

The first three events focused on world and national events. New York City Fire Department Chief and Battalion Commander Richard Picciotto kicked off the series. Picciotto was the highest ranking firefighter to survive the World Trade Center collapse. The event was part of the University’s Patriot Day ceremonies.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper was next on the series. Cooper discussed the stories he has covered ranging from the Arab Spring to Hurricane Katrina and more recent events such as the Ferguson, Missouri shooting and ISIS. NPR and Fox News’ Mara Liasson shared her thoughts on the midterm elections.

Upcoming Speakers Series events

“I always leave the Speakers Series inspired, ready to take on the world.”
-Laura Liefer, Southeast Theatre & Dance Student


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