Entrepreneurs “Catapult” to Business and Creativity

Entrepreneurs "Catapult" to Business and Creativity


Catapult Creative House opened its doors in May. The groundbreaking creative arts and industries incubator provides a mechanism to drive the entrepreneurial
mindset of today’s students. Creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship converge in the commercial learning laboratory bringing novel products and services with a sustainable twist and local connection to market in a modern commercial marketplace.

Catapult Creative House is located on Broadway in downtown Cape Girardeau. This student-run venture will give students from all Southeast disciplines the opportunity to spawn ideas and test business models — leading or participating in creating, developing and selling innovative products and services. The facility offers specialized work space that supports experiential learning opportunities, taking students from the idea and concept stage, to prototyping and product/service development, to commercialization. Practicum credit also may be available to students engaged at Catapult Creative House, depending on their major.

Catapult Creative House is the outcome of an interdisciplinary collaboration involving 12 faculty members drawn from eight academic programs from four different colleges.

Find out more about Catapult Creative House at news.semo.edu.


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