New Facilities for Regional Campuses

New Facilities for Regional Campuses

EVT-RiceFieldDayA new horticulture incubator lab at Southeast’s Kennett campus opened this month, providing a space for horticulture oriented extension activities and for Southeast students to continue developing their agriculture skills – planting, growing and nurturing – through hands-on experiences.


In plantscience courses, students in the lab will study crop anatomy and physiology. In soils courses, students will use the facility to examine soil fertility, entomology, weed science, irrigation and basic agronomy.

Architectural plans are being drawn for a new Rice Research Greenhouse at Southeast’s Malden campus that is expected to broaden area rice breeding efforts spearheaded by the Missouri Rice Research and Merchandising Council with support from Southeast’s Department of Agriculture.

The 1,440-square-foot facility will help further new high-yielding rice varieties. Numerous classes will use the facility, including plant science, soil fertility and weed science.

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