When Generations Collide

When Generations Collide

by Tyler Sayer

Alex Dunn is a senior double-majoring in biomedical science and computer science with hopes to be a doctor someday while his mother, Olivia Dunn, is studying accounting. Although you might think being classmates would be weird, these two find it completely normal.

“I never really thought of it. When I see him on campus I say ‘hi,’ give him a hug and move on. I treat him just like I would at home.”

Alex shares his mom’s sentiment, “when I was a freshman, I’m sure I was a little embarrassed. But now I don’t care.”

They’ve never had a class together but they have had the same professor, Dr. Bronic Matwijkiw. Alex admitted to feeling weird about this one. “My mother’s a better student than I am. She had him first and then when I had him he asked, ‘Does your mom go here?’ And I paused and was like ‘… yes.’ It was weird.”

Olivia did not disagree that she was a better student. “I think it was because I was the oldest person in the class. I asked more questions. If I don’t understand, I ask. If I pay for the class, I want to know what I’m learning. And the other students hardly asked any questions, so I was the one who stood out.”

Accepting that hard work is key will change Millennials’ mindsets, says Alex. “The only thing that is holding you back is you telling yourself that you can’t do it.”

In addition to attending classes at the same time, Alex and Olivia plan to walk across the stage and receive their diplomas together



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