Behind the Cover

Behind the Cover

SE Spring 2014 cover

by Rachel Holdmeyer

Two years ago, Katie Levy found herself beaming on the cover of the spring 2014 Southeast Magazine–a perfect representation of an enthused graduate promenading off the commencement stage. Levy’s hearty wave and jovial grin were aimed toward her support crew in the audience who came to celebrate her new Master of Business Administration.

Levy would have no idea the moment would be captured by a University photographer and placed on the cover, yet she says she’s thankful as she recounts that as her most incredible memory of Southeast.

“When I walked off the stage, waving to my family and friends in the stands, realizing that my dream of getting a master’s came to fruition … Southeast has opened so many doors and opportunities for me.”

Today, Levy works as a buyer for Global Products Inc., a mid-sized promotional products company based in St. Louis and a licensee of Harley Davidson. She is responsible for all headwear and hair accessories.

“Since Global is a mid-sized company, I have had the opportunity to do many things the average purchaser doesn’t get to do,” she says. “Not only do I issue purchase orders, but I also do a lot of procurement, vendor relations management and logistics.”

Levy says she enjoys working with vendors from all over the world and credits much of her success to her experiences studying abroad. During a 2014 spring break study abroad trip to Europe, she learned about price negotiation and currency exchange.

“Gaining that experience made me a much better negotiator,” she says. “I’ve had so many moments since I started at Global where I said ‘Wait a minute, I remember this from class! I really understand now.’”

Levy says in addition to all she learned studying abroad and in class, the multi-national friendships she made opened opportunities to explore China, Israel, Denmark, Germany, France and many more places.

“I grew so much as a person in those years, and my most influential, life-changing moments reside in Cape Girardeau,” she says. “I am confident that I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for my time at Southeast.”

As for that magazine cover, she says she’s still living it down.

“My family was ecstatic. My mom got a ton of copies and sent them to every family member and then emailed the picture to all her friends,” she says. “To this day, my grandparents still have it hanging in their house. I had friends from all over messaging me saying they saw my picture. We still laugh at my huge, gaping smile.”


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