Beyond the Basics

photography by Aaron Eisenhauer & Josh Russell

Clubs at Southeast have long since surpassed traditional softball and chess. From Harry Potter to knitting to cyber defense, today’s extracurriculars truly provide something for everyone. Remember which clubs you joined? Share in the contact form.

Redhawks Rugby Club

“Courage required. Experience unnecessary.” That’s the message that welcomes visitors to the Redhawks Rugby Club Facebook page. Men and women alike are welcome to try out the brutal and challenging sport.


Aerial Swing Dancing Club

The Aerial Swing Dancing Club gathers twice weekly to swing their partners through the air, performing impossible maneuvers. Many of the club’s members had little-to-no experience in this unique style of dance before attending their first meeting.



For those who appreciate bovine beauty, the Livestock Show Team provides opportunities for students to learn and get involved at the David M. Barton Agriculture Research Center. Over spring break, members traveled to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo in Texas.


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