Portrait of an Urban Flower

Portrait of an Urban Flower, by Terry Davis

by Aaron Eisenhauer

Terry Davis
Portrait of an Urban Flower
Mixed Media
Crisp Museum

“The prompt for the project was ‘subtly,’ believe it or not,” says Terry Davis of his work Portrait of an Urban Flower.
In terms of scale and presence, it is certainly not subtle. Measuring eight feet on each side, visitors are drawn from across the gallery to examine the layers of charcoal drawing, screen printed patterns and oil accents on course wood panels.

The depiction of Davis’ girlfriend and fellow Southeast student Candace Taylor, captures a moment in between expressions that offers little resolution to the viewer.

“I wanted something that was very open ended, something that would draw you in,” says Davis.

Something subtle.

The image was based on a photo he captured on his cell phone as Taylor tried on a vintage jacket at Annie Laurie’s Antiques.

Davis is from Perryville, Missouri, and will complete his Bachelor of Fine Arts with a specialization in printing in May 2017. He was presented with the Distinguished Merit Award for Portrait of an Urban Flower at the 2016 Annual Juried Student Exhibition held at the Crisp Museum at the River Campus.


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