Alice Strange

Alice Strange

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It’s unavoidable to see familiar faces at the River Campus. But when we asked the directors if there was one person who was at almost everything, there was just one answer.

Alice Strange has been an admirer of the arts for longer than she can remember. She’s always been attracted to the beauty of music, art and dance. For 34 years she’s had a front-row seat to Southeast’s artistic talent.

“They’ve always been good,” says Alice. “They were good when I first came to Southeast, and that’s why I got into the habit of going.”

The art, music and theatre and dance departments were a lot different in 1983 – smaller, but growing, remembers Alice.

The River Campus came at a great time for students and Cape Girardeau. In 2007, the interest in the arts and fostering their success was not only a University goal but a community one as well.

“I was happy they had that and were able to put on performances on campus, but when they moved to the River Campus, I didn’t realize how much grander it could be,” she says.

The size of the productions and the quality of the venues still take her breath away.

“It’s such high quality,” she says. “I think a lot of people don’t realize the amount of work that goes into those productions. Just the amount of rehearsal time the students dedicate themselves to alone is astonishing.”

Alice tries to go to as many performances and exhibits as she can, but it’s the theatre and dance productions she can’t miss.

“I’m a fan of the big productions, particularly the musicals that have a large cast and a lot of singing and dancing,” she says.

Every year she’s amazed by what the students can do, and she wants everyone to share in that feeling of wonderment and delight the River Campus brings to every production.

“I encourage people and students to go because it’s not meant to be just for the students or the River Campus fans but for the public,” she says. “I think they’re missing a big part of their education if they don’t take advantage of the arts that are right here.”

For Alice it doesn’t really matter how many shows she’s gone to or how many exhibits she’s seen–it’s difficult for her to even name her favorites because to her they were all excellent.

“I don’t really feel like I’m the only ‘super-fan’, I see so many people at each event,” says Alice. “I’m just an average audience member.”

We beg to differ.



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