Heroes, Villains, Monsters

Heroes, Villains, Monsters

Terese Nielsen, Dark Age of Camelot, 18×23, 2001, collection of Todd Jordan

Heroes, Villains, Monsters

Crisp Museum

Heroes, Villains, Monsters showcases the amazing art works of comic book artists Rick Burchett, Paul Gulacy, Terese Nielsen and William Stout. The exhibition explores society’s heroic and mythical ideals of heroes, villains and monsters oftentimes blurred and not easily distinguished. From Batman to King Kong, the artworks provide viewers a unique glimpse into the illustrious careers and oeuvre of each of the artists whose images are iconic in popular culture as well as in the comic book industry. The exhibition, opening Nov. 11, is complimented by the Cape Mini- Comic Con the following day. This event includes an artist talk, panel discussions, music performance, vendors, artists displays, a comic art drawing contest and display. Financial assistance for the exhibition has been provided by the Missouri Arts Council, a state agency. Exhibition and Cape Mini- Comic Con assistance is provided by Sam Park, Ken Murphy and Cape Comic Con.


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