Caroline Kahler Compelled to Make, A Retrospective of Work from 1980-2017

Caroline Kahler
Compelled to Make, A Retrospective of Work from 1980-2017
Crisp Museum

story by April Schoen

As Caroline Kahler, professor of art and chair of the Department of Art, plans to retire, she and the Crisp Museum present a farewell exhibition of works spanning 37 years of artmaking. Compelled to Make, A Retrospective of Work from 1980-2017 opens November 3, 2017 and concludes January 28, 2018.

Rhonda Weller-Stilson, professor of theatre, associate dean of the College of Liberal Arts and director of the Holland School of Visual and Performing Arts, highlights all Kahler has done for the River Campus through her passion and creativity over the years.

“Caroline has been an outstanding chair of the Department of Art. She has gone above and beyond to add recruiting activities, retention activities for art majors and worked around the clock on the arts accreditation portfolio.

Caroline is extremely dedicated to the students in the Department of Art. She organizes events to increase their engagement, and she knows them all individually. She is also a fantastic advocate for her faculty. Caroline goes the extra mile to make sure her faculty have classroom resources, and to communicate their successes.

Since Caroline has arrived at Southeast, she developed with her faculty an activity called Creative Kick. This is a recruitment activity for schools to bring their students. Classes are taught for both the students and their teachers by our faculty. It’s become quite popular and receives great feedback each year.

Caroline spent every weekend and night at the River Campus for both the summer, fall and spring working on the department’s accreditation site visit. She wrote the 400+ page document describing the programs, facilities, faculty and overall profile of the department for the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD). She was practically living here on our campus while preparing for the visit. The accreditation site visit team was very impressed with the portfolio and all of Caroline’s work.

Not only is Caroline a strong chair, she is also a talented teacher and artist. Her students’ work makes it quite clear that Caroline inspires them in their classes. Each year, their pieces created in her classes are outstanding, and her own work is beautiful and of the highest caliber.”

Don’t miss the chance to hear Kahler talk about her work and see it for yourself at the opening reception on November 3 from 4-8 p.m. in the Crisp Museum.


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