Thank A Giver

Southeast Annual Fund students decorated campus for TAG Day in honor of alumni and friends visiting this Homecoming.

Step one was to tag everything across campus made possible by donors. Students put signs in front of buildings, tagged rooms and equipment and even themselves to bring awareness to how much donors make possible on campus.

“We are so fortunate to have so many people who support our students,” says Alexandra Holland, annual fund coordinator. “This was a way for students to say thank you–thank you for my scholarship, thank you for this practice room, thank you for this lounge, for this computer. And, we certainly hope all our students see just how important our alumni are to the facilities and resources they use every day.”

In addition to tagging items across campus, scholarship recipients wore buttons recognizing donors. Faculty and staff donors across campus were tagged in thanks for their gifts. A traveling banner made its way across campus, allowing students to sign a personal thanks that was then displayed at the annual Copper Dome Dinner and All Alumni Breakfast Homecoming weekend.


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