A Note from the Foundation

A Note from  the Foundation

Trudy Lee, Interim Vice President for University Advancement

You may have gotten the message by now that things are very busy at Southeast. I’ll continue to echo that point with the flurry of activity you’ll see on these pages. Homecoming, TAG, SEMO Giving Day and countless endeavors every day make education possible for our students. It’s truly a cause worth being “busy” for, and quite honestly, our passion at the Southeast Missouri University Foundation.

You’ve no doubt read by now several of those initiatives: a Cyber Range, Crisp Renovations, a new art building, sending an entire cast to NYC, scholarships. Yes, there are a lot of big needs on campus.

That could be incredibly overwhelming if it weren’t that the Southeast family is a generous family. We tend to take care of each other.

Whether it’s a student who would have to drop out a semester without additional financial aid, or a bright student with an incredible idea in need of presenting at a conference, or a technological advancement necessary to prepare our students to launch extraordinary careers, Redhawks are there for each other.

We know there are much smaller needs, too. And that will be the focus of this year’s SEMO Giving Day. One day to raise funds for 12 small projects for students. It’s a variety of projects in all areas of the University, so you can make a gift you are passionate about.

And gifts you’re passionate about are what we do best at the University Foundation. If you have any idea how to help our students–big or small–achieve their goals, the University Foundation team is ready to find a way. It’s not just about fundraising. We’re interested in hearing from you. So don’t hesitate to stop by or drop us a line to share your achievements.


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