New Center for Speech & Hearing: Providing Help for Those in Need

New Center for  Speech & Hearing: Providing Help for Those in Need

The purpose of Southeast Missouri State University’s Center for Speech and Hearing is to help people across Southeast Missouri with any kind of disorder that impacts their ability to communicate.

The center provides comprehensive diagnostic and intervention services for communication disorders—speech, language, and hearing evaluations and treatment—for all ages within the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) guidelines.

The center features 10 therapy rooms, two labs for swallowing and acoustics and augmentative and alternative communication, rooms for diagnostic services and audiological testing, a clinical kitchen, and an observation lounge.

One of the reasons the center provides professional services at an affordable cost is because it also serves as an educational and clinical training facility for Southeast undergraduate and graduate students majoring in communication disorders.

The students are studying to be audiologists and speech language pathologists, and the clinicals they complete at the center are preparing them to go out into the field, to work in schools, work in hospitals, or any other professional setting. Student clinicians are assigned two to three clients per semester, spending up to 12 weeks working on programs, activities, and games to help them overcome any challenge.

Student clinicians are guided and monitored by faculty members. An intelligent video solution system is completely integrated throughout the building, allowing approved supervisors and clinicians to observe and provide guidance and feedback to students in real time.

Student clinicians also get the opportunity to develop relationships with clients and make a bigger impact on their progress. That one-on-one relationship students build can be the key to  success, which is what the center is all about.


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