Q&A with Kim Pham

Q&A with Kim Pham

I have become more open-minded than I was before studying abroad. – Kim Pham, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Q / What inspired you to study in the United States?

A / I’m studying business administration, and the United States has the biggest economy in the world, with many large, multinational enterprises. The U.S. has one of the best higher education systems and many top-ranked universities, and it was a valuable opportunity to study here.

Q / Were you concerned about moving to a new country to study?

A / Yes. I had to prepare for living in a totally strange place, far away from friends and family. I had to find a place to live, learn about different forms of transportation, get used to a new city, and learn how to contact family. I also had to be aware that the people around me did not speak my native language, making it harder to seek help or ask questions.

Q / What made you choose Southeast Missouri State?

A / I had a friend who is an alumnus, and he had recommended Southeast to me. I searched for more information on the internet and was interested in the courses and the friendly campus.

Q / What are you planning to do to put yourself ahead of the competition after graduation?

A / My plan is to find a good internship that will help me apply the knowledge gained in my classes and get more hands-on experience, build my soft skills, and acquire a larger network.

Q / What do you love most about Southeast?

A / Southeast is a great school with well-designed programs and affordable tuition. I also always have great support from devoted professors whenever I need advice about my schoolwork and job opportunities. I enjoy the cultural events on campus and have made a lot of international friends. Not only do I learn about their countries, but I have become more open-minded than I was before studying abroad.


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