Think Spring Break

Think Spring Break


Spring break is a great time for Southeast students to unwind, hit the beach, complete a service project, or even hang out at a Washington D.C. Think Tank. Yeah, you read that last one right. Every year, a group of students travel from Cape Girardeau to Washington, D.C., to take part in a week-long program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), a leading non-partisan Think Tank that covers economic, social, environmental, political, and internationally focused issues.

Dr. Willie Redmond, professor of economics and the project leader for the CSIS program says, “We are proud to say Southeast is the only university that has this week-long program with CSIS. However, we are even more proud to say the presenters during our sessions are instructed to keep the opening remarks short because our students like to talk, and we always fill up the rest of the time in the session with our feedback!”

Students actually get to ask and answer questions from someone who may have been on shows such as Meet the Press the previous week. That is really eye-opening to them and is a great confidence-builder.

Students also take part in a 90-minute Young Professionals Panel, during which junior staffers and interns at CSIS tell the story of how they got there.

“This is another eye-opening experience, as many of these people have come from small towns, went to smaller, regional universities, are unsure of what exactly they wanted to do as a career. Yet, here they are in Washington, D.C., working at one of the leading Think Tanks in the world.”

Nothing can quite compare to hands-on experience, and for Southeast students participating in this program, they’re able to take this experience and focus their passions and efforts on much more than just a job after graduation. They’ll be prepared for a lifelong career.


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