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Perhaps the best way to share the success of the past year is to hear from our students and alumni about their experiences.

“They challenged me in class and made me love the questions in science that really make you think.”
Adrienne Brauer, National Science Foundation Undergraduate Researcher, Washington University

“The program is very hands on and you really learn practical skills, as opposed to just sitting and listening to lecture after lecture. The professors are passionate about what they teach, and you leave the classroom genuinely feeling like you learned something that you will carry forward with you in life.”
Kelsey Barnett, Historic Preservation, Eisenhower National Historic Site Intern

“Southeast gave me the stepping stones and courage to leave my home country for two years to serve underprivileged children. During my time at Southeast, I was always encouraged to be the best version of myself, and without the University, I would not have found my dream job”
Ryan Warren ’18, Peace Corps

“Southeast has taught me to be resourceful and efficient. This is something I like most about Southeast. Our students are engrained with perseverance.”
Chris Gibbons, Finance, Boeing Intern

“I’ve had a lot of field experience through Southeast’s education program. Because of that, I am used to teaching and being in the classroom. I also received a lot of hands-on training and professional development that really helped me land my first job and will help me throughout my career.”
Anna Kern’19, Elementary Teacher

Student Singing in Musical

“In my time here at Southeast, I have grown immensely as a performer, all thanks to the unstoppable faculty that want nothing more than for you to succeed in show business, as well as the opportunities we get (including performing in New York City). This was an awesome opportunity that gave me the chance to work alongside business professionals. Not many, if any other schools, can give their students this opportunity.”
Jose Alpizar, ’18, Theatre & Dance




“Without my work at Southeast with the OVC Digital Network and now the transition into ESPN+, I would have no chance of getting into sports broadcasting. I hear about students in the bigger schools in my field not getting opportunities like this because of how large their school or their major is. So, I’m definitely very grateful and thankful for everything I’ve been able to be involved in at Southeast.”
Rebecca Gangemella, TV/Film

“The professors at Southeast have introduced me to people in my industry and really given me a step up. They helped me find an internship, and in turn, a job for after graduation. I wouldn’t be in the position I am without them.”
Josh Thibodeaux, 2019 National Outstanding Horticulture Student

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“The challenges of the Jane Stephen Honors Program have helped with my education immensely. I’m also a member of the Computer Science Club and Competitive Programming Team, which have really prepared me for applying and interviewing for software engineer jobs. The problems that we tackle in competitive programming were basically the interview questions, and that helped me get where I am today.”
Grant Reid, Computer Science, Amazon Intern

“My experience at Southeast and the classes that I have taken have prepared me to work in any field. I can be a software developer, database administrator, or teacher. There are so many opportunities.”
Sarah Aldossari ’18, Computer Science

“My time at Southeast has provided me with a strong background in mathematics and meaningful projects that have given me practice and exposure with actuarial tools and methods.”
Dalton Cowan ’19, Mathematics

“Southeast has given me a strong musical foundation and the tools to develop further. I owe my teachers so much for getting me where I am now as a musician.”
Kendal Staggs ’18, Music

“Southeast has given me an education to pursue the career I want and has offered the personal experiences that I would not have been exposed to anywhere else.”
– Zach Buchheit ’18, Computer Science

“I chose Southeast because my mother, father, and paternal grandmother attended and graduated from Southeast, so it was a privilege to be a third generation Southeast alumna. Because Southeast first began as a teachers’ college, attending Southeast was also special to me in that aspect — I am proud to be an educator who graduated from a University that prides itself in top-notch education and producing top-notch educators!”
Erica Robbins ’05, Elementary & Early Childhood Education

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“My time at Southeast contributed greatly to my success because it was at Southeast that I first developed leadership capabilities. I was active in extracurricular activities on campus, and this helped not only strengthen my leadership skills, but also taught me how to be responsible when it came to juggling multiple tasks. My education was top-notch and I felt fully prepared for my academics come dental school as well.”
Dr. Daniell Riordan ’05

“I grew up in Missouri and initially started at a different college but decided that Southeast was a better fit for me. I had fantastic professors at Southeast. That, coupled with smaller class sizes, was very beneficial. I still keep in touch with some of my professors.”
Navy Cmdr. Michael Porter ’90, ’92


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