The “Dreams” Team

The "Dreams" Team

From finding the careers they thought they’d have since childhood to the careers they find in college, Southeast’s recruitment team works with thousands of students each year to find their paths and truly transform their futures.

Ariel Dumars

Territory: 12 counties of Southeast Missouri
Hardest part about being a counselor? I have been on the job for only a few weeks, so being “the new person” can be a challenge, but I am very excited to learn and share my personal experience at SEMO with students.





Dulce Maldonado Munoz

Territory: Southwest Missouri, Arkansas, Chicago, and Kansas City
What did Southeast give you? Southeast empowered me to pursue learning experiences outside the classroom which helped my professional development.





Lacy Giudicy

Territory: All transfer students
Most challenging part of being a counselor? Creating a personalized plan for each student to foster their success. It’s also the most rewarding, knowing that students are graduating because I helped them!





Brooke Lockhart

Territory: Homeschool, GED/HiSET, nontraditional and returning students
Hardest day as a counselor? Watching students move on to the next adventure. Graduation is bittersweet because we build lasting relationships with our students and while we are happy to see them grow, it is also hard to watch them go.




Thomas Romine

Territory: East Central Missouri, Souther Illinois, Kentucky
What did Southeast give you? Southeast gave me a quality education, life skills, and a passion to better my community.





Tony Rushing

Territory: St. Louis city schools, East St. Louis, Northwest and Northeast Missouri, Tennessee, out of state
Best day as a counselor? Move-in Day, when you get to see all of the students and their families who have trusted you to attend Southeast and begin the rest of their life as a Redhawk.




Sydney Zarate Sada

Territory: St. Louis public and private schools, Central Missouri
Why do you encourage students to attend Southeast? We are a medium-sized school with all the positives you see in big four-year schools. We have D1 Athletics, River Campus, 200+ majors/minors; but also small class sizes, a 21:1 studenttofaculty ratio, and we’re affordable.




Rachel Woodworth

Territory: Illinois, including northern, metro, central, and Springfield
Best day as a counselor? When a student calls me excited they got admitted. Or when I run into them at First STEP and they tell me they couldn’t have made it without my help; it’s very rewarding.





Daniel Morris

Territory: Southeast Online students
Why do you encourage students to attend Southeast? Because we truly care about their success from start to finish.


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