Together, We Find A Way

Together, We Find A Way

Scholarships. Facilities. Professional development. Conference registration. Competition entrance fees. Clothes. Food. Their time. These are just a few of the items Southeast alumni gave this past year. Each important. Each vital to the students who received.

Gifts to the Southeast Missouri University Foundation totaled more than $5 million. Were they large? Some. Were they small? Some.

“Everything goes to impact the life of a student. It doesn’t matter the size of the gift or what it funds, it makes a real difference, and that most certainly includes gifts of time, mentoring, and networking,” said Interim Vice President of University Advancement and Executive Director of the Foundation Dr. Trudy Lee. “Our alumni give because they cherish their Southeast education. They know, without a doubt, it has affected their lives, and they want someone else to experience that.”

The Foundation has a variety of funds and programs to align any alum’s giving wishes with the right opportunity. And, when there isn’t one, they find a way to develop one.


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