Cyber Defense 8X State Champs

Cybersecurity student looking at computer

Southeast’s Cyber Defense Team is once again proving they are the top of their field. For the eighth straight year, the team won the Missouri Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition.

The competition is designed to test each team’s ability to secure a networked computer system while maintaining standard business functionality. The scenario of each competition involves team members simulating a group of employees from an IT service company that initiate administration of an Information Technology infrastructure. The teams are expected to manage the computer network operations in a simulated business environment, keeping it operational, and preventing unauthorized access. Each team must maintain and provide public services, including a website, a secure website, an email server, a database server, an online curriculum server and workstations used by simulated sales, marketing and research staff per company policy and mission.

Student teams are scored on their ability to detect and respond to outside threats, including cyberattacks, while maintaining availability of existing network services such as mail and web servers, responding to business requests such as the addition or removal of additional services, and balancing security against business needs.

“Being successful and winning is definitely something we want to continue,” says Ethan Gyori, team captain. “Each competition provides a learning experience. It’s not just a drive to win, but it’s learning, and that’s what we look forward to and enjoy.”


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