Entrepreneurship Student Raises $10K+

Entrepreneurship Student Raises $10K+

Our Redhawks are known for their Will to Do. And recent graduate Gabe Kent certainly embodies that spirit. He combined his passion for charitable work and entrepreneurship to help fight food insecurity on campus and in the local community when he created the One Meal a Week Program.

Students are able to donate their unused meal plan dollars to the Redhawk Food Pantry through Kent’s program. More than $10,000 in food donations have been collected since its inception.

Southeast’s Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority has taken over the One Meal A Week program since Kent’s May 2020 graduation.

People like to help people – even if they don’t know how to directly do that. When they see the opportunity to help, they always take it. One Meal A Week provides that opportunity to help others.
– Gabe Kent, Southeast Alumnus

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