Giving Day

Giving Day

One Day, One Redhawk Family

March 23, 2021

Keep Our Chemistry Students Safe with Flammable Storage Cabinets: $3000

Safety first is a well-known motto in the College of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics department so they are requesting two new flammable storage cabinets. The cabinets will protect the internal contents from fire as well as keep the contents inside from contributing.

Make Camp Redhawk a Reality: $1800

Camp Redhawk is a summer leadership program designed for new students entering their first semester at Southeast. By donating to this cause, 10 new students with financial need will get to take part in the 4-day, 3-night experience. Camp Redhawk provides a glimpse of campus life and helps students immerse in our traditions before the school year begins.

Promote SEMO Spirit with 3D SEMO Letters: $2700

Giant letters wow a crowd, provide photo opportunities and promote the SEMO spirit. Foam-sculpted SEMO letters placed strategically at events and on campus provide an eye-catching photo opportunity that can transcend on social media, increasing our brand reach. The lightweight material means the letters are transportable so they can be used for all sorts of events, and create ways to engage fans, students, and prospective students and families.

Lounge Chairs for Kent Library: $2000

Students utilize Kent Library for everything from research to meeting with study groups, and
as a place to rest and relax between classes. We’d like to give our students a comfy place to do just that by providing two new lounge chairs on the main floor.

Enhanced Campus Tours: $2500

A campus tour can make or break a student’s decision to attend a school. While Southeast’s campus is beautiful, and located in the “Prettiest City in Missouri” according to Architectural Digest, we know the hills can be daunting. We’d like to buy a 6-seat golf cart to help make campus tours a more enjoyable and accessible experience for future Redhawks and their families.

Fund the Urban Student Teacher Scholarship: $1500

Successful teaching in low-income, urban, multicultural schools is different from teaching in suburban settings, and urban school districts across the nation are facing a continued shortage of qualified teachers. Help confront the challenge by offering a scholarship for Southeast education majors who choose to student teach in public or charter urban schools. Scholarships established will encourage Southeast students to explore opportunities to teach in educational settings with a dynamic and diverse student population, preparing culturally competent, effective educators.

Support Students and Live Theatre Performances: $2500

More than 200 students in The Jeanine Larson Dobbins Conservatory of Theatre and Dance are working harder than ever to perfect their skills and continue delivering top-quality entertainment. Social distancing guidelines in conjunction with the pandemic have greatly reduced the amount of theatre seating available for live performances at the River Campus. With fewer tickets available, your support of our resilient students is needed now more than ever.

Help the Anthropology Club Solve Another Cold Case: $2200

The Anthropology Club has already solved two cold cases, and with your help, they could be well on their way to solving another. The funding for this project will pay for forensic-grade geonomic sequencing and genealogy services to identify a set of human remains recovered in Cape Girardeau County in 1980.

Decorate International Village: $2500

International Village is designed to be a “home away from home,” for our international students, but unfortunately, it lacks some warmth. Funds raised will help with the purchase and installation of interior decorations, as well as graphics for the building’s exterior.

Start a Scholarship for Southeast Online Students: $2000

With online student registration on the rise, the need for financial assistance for online students has also grown. Southeast Online is looking to kickstart funding to establish an endowed scholarship. The scholarship will be used for online students who demonstrate financial need and are in good academic standing.

Support the Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition Team and the Hacking Guild: $2500

The Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition Team and the Hacking Guild are asking for your support. Help them gain access to master classes and presentations from cyber experts. Funds will also support competition expenses. These groups are student organizations dedicated to the development of hands-on experiential learning within a realistic environment.

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