Pilot Program Takes Flight at Southeast

Pilot Program Takes Flight at Southeast

A new Professional Pilot Bachelor of Science will be launched at Southeast in fall 2021. Regional, national, and international demand for professional pilots continues to grow and Southeast can play an important role in reversing the declining trend.

“This is an outstanding opportunity for the University to stay on the leading edge of academic program innovation and to grow our enrollment,” says Dr. Carlos Vargas, president of Southeast Missouri State University.

The Cape Girardeau Regional Airport has a unique setup making the airport the perfect training ground for student pilots. There’s a large hangar facility with office space available that will be reconfigured as classrooms, allowing students the opportunity to be onsite to see how airports operate in real time.

Data shows that in 2018, just 63 candidates graduated from pilot programs in this region while there were 1,218 pilot job openings.

The program will require a minimum of 121 credit hours of instruction, including 42 hours of general education coursework. Under the program, Southeast will contract with U.S. Aviation who will provide flight instruction.

Students will be able to meet all of their degree requirements—class instruction, ground school, accumulation of flight hours, FAA Private Pilot Certificate testing and FAA check-ride with a designated pilot examiner locally.

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