Schnur Earns His Ears

Schnur Earns His Ears

Southeast Missouri State University alumnus Maxwell Schnur loves working at “The Most Magical Place on Earth.” After graduating from Southeast in spring 2012 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in theatre with an emphasis in technology, he gained experience aiding in productions at Huron Playhouse and Cedar Point Amusement Park. In 2014, Schnur returned to the River Campus as the assistant technical director. He then moved to Charlotte, North Carolina to work as a designer’s assistant for the Cedar Fair family of amusement parks.

In April 2018, Schnur made the jump to Disney World where he has happily spent the last two years. One of his favorite memories at Disney is working as an effects technician for the 2018 Disney Parks Magical Christmas Day Parade ABC filming at the Magic Kingdom Castle Stage.

When thinking back on his time at Southeast, Schnur said, “being able to work alongside touring companies at the River Campus allowed me to experience the fast-paced and quick decision-making environment of live theatre and entertainment. I was able to get my hands on technology that is not usually present in an academic setting.”


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