Southeast Music Recognized as an Institution of Excellence

Southeast Music Recognized as an Institution of Excellence

Southeast Missouri State University is among the inaugural class of elite institutions across the globe to be named a “Yamaha Institution of Excellence.”

The Yamaha designation recognizes extraordinary commitment to innovation in the study of music. It is awarded to institutions providing unique and challenging experiences to their music students.

“We are proudly continuing to invest in the arts to give our students the tools they need to fine-tune their musical talents,” says Rhonda Weller-Stilson, dean of the Holland College. “This designation offers us the opportunity to foray into music technology and innovation, and we could not be more thrilled to offer these opportunities to our students.”

Forty new Yamaha pianos recently arrived at Southeast’s River Campus, as the first phase of a strategic initiative to span 10 years. Over the next decade, another 40 new Yamaha pianos will find a home at the River Campus.

The acquisition is integral to infuse technology into Southeast’s music and theatre and dance programs, and shift their trajectory in the direction these industries are moving, Southeast Department of Music Chair Dr. Kevin Hampton says.

“Marrying smart devices to music study and performance with digital keyboard instruments meets students where they are now,” he says, and “enhances traditional music study while keeping students at the forefront of how music is created and disseminated. Students are eager to explore how smart devices can enhance their creative abilities and the music they want to produce. Providing students access to the best technological resources and traditional keyboard instruments strengthens our programs and allows students to fully explore their intellectual and creative ideas.”


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