Southeast Women in Economics

Southeast Women in Economics

Six women from Southeast Missouri State University traveled to Samford University in Alabama to talk about the role women play in our economy.

It was all part of the “Economics and Women” colloquium. Members of the group went to the conference with their faculty advisor, Dr. Natallia Gray, on an Economics and History Teaching Grant.

Southeast’s Women in Economics group actually inspired the colloquium back in 2017. Members of Samford’s faculty met Southeast students at an economics symposium at the St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank and were inspired to create their own student organization which led to the creation of the conference. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, only 30% of graduates with economics degrees are women, a trend that has remained constant from 2008 to 2018.

“Women’s voices are important in economics to inform public policy on issues related to jobs, education, healthcare, childcare and pretty much everything else. If women don’t bring their voices to economics, decisions are going to be made without their input,” Gray says. “Women bring unique skills to the field of economics including their analytic abilities and a nurturing approach that translates into an ability to work together when it comes to designing solutions to economic problems or developing economies in their countries.”


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