Spicing Things Up at Southeast

Spicing Things Up at Southeast

Things are heating up on campus thanks to the newly developed ‘Hawk Sauce.’ The University’s first hot sauce is proving to be a hot commodity in Cape Girardeau
and beyond.

Students in Southeast’s hospitality management program created the sauce. The concept began as a hands-on sales and marketing class project. The students came up with a marketing plan, researched and tested recipes, and cooked and bottled the sauce. They also created a label. The first 370 bottles of Hawk Sauce quickly sold out.

Hawk Sauce is made with a Fresno pepper which gives the sauce its signature red color.

“We were striving for a signature sauce, and we wanted it to be unique, and a Fresno pepper is different and interesting,” says Dr. Quantella Noto, associate professor of hospitality management and hospitality management program director. “It has a beautiful color, but it’s not too hot for people’s palates. It’s a sauce made from Southeast Missouri for Southeast Missouri.”


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