At Southeast, we talk a lot about doing. If you’re like us, sometimes you can get so busy doing that you don’t take the time to reflect. During the past year, your alma mater was required to reflect. Facing some of the biggest budget challenges in its history, we were tasked with looking at what it is we do.

In true Southeast fashion, we discussed and debated. Poked holes and revised. Challenged and perfected. The result was a change in how we are structured and the approaches we take, but firmly rooted in our mission of providing a high quality, affordable, experiential learning-rich education for our students based on today’s marketplace.

This issue of the magazine is dedicated to sharing the University’s new academic structure with you, introducing the new faces or familiar faces in new roles, and informing you about some truly remarkable new programs we’re implementing focused on student success.

This past year started with a problem, but the discussion became so much more than dollars and cents. It was about how we ensure our students are confident, capable, and competitive when they graduate. How we can make paying for college attainable. And, how we can serve students who know their path and those who are discovering it.

As a wise Muppet once said, it’s not easy being a moderately selective public regional university (we may be paraphrasing). When other universities seemingly have more resources and larger audiences, it’s hard to break through with your story. But what a story we have! Just read through these pages. Performing in New York City. Researching south of the Arctic Circle. Global policy in Washington, D.C. Reigning champions in cyber defense, business, debate, and the school newspaper.

Behind each of these examples is a team of faculty and staff equipped with the grit and tenacity, matching that of our students, to make success not only possible but also something we often take for granted. Because at Southeast, our default is that we will. We’ll work; we’ll try; and we’ll succeed. Sometimes we forget what a big deal it really is. What happens at Southeast are opportunities and achievements we’ll put up against any institution. And, we hope you will too.


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